Small Glimpses.

A lot of people wonder why I live year round where I do…where Winters last for months when most countries have Daffodils and Snowdrops. I do miss “home” sometimes but the extremes of huge blizzards and dark days give me so much appreciation for the time when they are not. A high of minus 2 seems joyful and hatless. Sunlight after a rainstorm that melted most of the snow is a moment of sheer bliss. And the snow banks that didn’t melt allow me to reach the tops of my Lilac trees so I can finally trim them. Small reveals in the snow are exciting promises and even though I know March is a month dreaded (we had 56 cms of snow in one day last March) it is these bright, beautiful days in-between that I relish. Thankyou Cape Breton for nurturing the simple act of appreciation in me, I look forward to your Spring….whenever that may be. leaf frost

About Naturelostandfound

An English artist living in Canada. Appreciating all around me and introducing people to the beauty of everything and the overlooked. Nature both lost and then found.
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