Mushrooms in the rain.

A Beautiful rainy morning. I love having dogs. When you have dogs you have to walk them and they force you to stop in different places while they read the canine library of smells and it is then you get to stand and look around and appreciate. Today we found the most wonderful mushrooms and had to actually run back for a camera. On the way back home I did creep up on an unsuspecting Puffball only to discover that it was a forgotten solar light..oh well..I guess the main question was why I was “creeping” up on a mushroom as if it would be suddenly startled and would run terrified back into the woods, scattering nervous fungi left and right…Image

About Naturelostandfound

An English artist living in Canada. Appreciating all around me and introducing people to the beauty of everything and the overlooked. Nature both lost and then found.
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2 Responses to Mushrooms in the rain.

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    We have 2 pups also and just love when we are on walks with them. Its easy to pass stuff by when in a hurry, but when walking the dogs and they stop to smell something, etc you look around and see what they see. It is a great way to see nature 🙂 Good post 🙂

  2. 🙂 Dogs definitely help you to stop and notice things 🙂 We have two cats as well but they’re inside cats… too many coyotes out here and I would worry too much about them.

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